Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Conor's Funniest Home Videos

A couple recent videos that have us laughing:

Conor cracks up when dada pats his belly:

Conor likes to crawl around with shoes on his hands.  (Towards the end he also softly repeats the word "cat", or "kah", to Cassady!)


  1. What a cute little boy!

    And on a side note: Where did you find a baby gate to attach to your stairs?! We've had the hardest time finding one like that...

  2. Love it, especially when he crawls around with shoes on his hands!

  3. Too cute!! Love hearing those little Conor giggles!!

  4. Thanks!

    The gate is a Kidco Gateway gate (G11) with a 5" extension and Y spindle adapters on the balusters.