Saturday, July 3, 2010

Conor Parties Like It's His Birthday

Conor had a sweet party on his birthday!  His day started out a little rough - he woke up with a fever, but after a dose of Tylenol, he seemed to perk up and enjoyed having people around.

We spiffied up the place and invited family and friends to come celebrate his first year.

banner of all his monthday pictures

The theme was banners dinosaurs, mostly because we call him "Conorsaurus", but also because I really liked these invitations:

The cake was delicious and I thought it turned out adorable - love the clouds!

There was also a candy buffet for guests to enjoy as a party favor.  I accidentally (cough) overestimated the amount of candy we would need.

Conor decorated some prizes.

Things got a little crazy and Conor ended up with a bowl on his head.  (He puts on his bowl helmet a lot these days.)

 I made party hats for everyone, and a special one for the birthday boy.

Then right before we sang "Happy Birthday", my camera battery died.  I got a few shots with the backup camera before those batteries died, too.  Conor was rather cautious with his birthday cake - he really didn't do any smashing but did enjoy eating the frosting.

sugar buzz....blahhhhhhhhh

It was a great party and he really enjoyed playing with his fun new toys and hanging out with his family and friends!  Can't wait for #2!!!


  1. It was such a great party and these photos are awesome. Everything was so colorful, just beautiful! Grampy and I love our Dino tote bag and brag book!!! Looking forward to watching our main little guy grow this year from a precious one year old to a big two year old ~ and looking forward to next year's party!!

  2. Love all the pics especially the bowl on his head! We can't wait to see him grow over the next year and I am determined to be at his 2nd b-day next year!

  3. Hi Lisa

    Stumbled upon your blog from somewhere :)

    My little boy's name is also Connor (spelt differently though) and they (I have twins) also had their first birthday recently.

    Yours looks 10 times better though :)

    LOVE the cake, love the dinosaur gifts, love the green serviettes and cutlery!

  4. oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the party hats - you are so clever :)

  5. Thanks Marcia! Happy Birthday to your Connor (and his twin), too.