Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Convo with a 3 year old

I asked Conor to pick up his cup.  

Conor "No mama!  DON'T. say that to me."

Me "That's not a nice way to talk.  Please pick up the cup now."


I walk away and ignore, thinking I'll deal with it when he's not irrationally annoyed with my simple requests.  I realize I may be waiting a long time.

Conor "Don't say that to me mama."

Silence from me, still ignoring from the kitchen.

Conor "Stop talking to me.....Stop it.....No you CAN'T say that to me."

More silence.

Conor "Mama?  ... Mama?  ..... Mama??? ... MAMA!!??  ARE YOU THERE MAMA?"

Me "Yes Conor?"

Conor "STOP talking to ME!"