Friday, August 9, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conor is Four!!!

Conor turned four today! He went to school this morning (had to make his imagination birthday cake with his friends!) and then we went to lunch and tried to go to see Monster's University.  He didn't like that idea at all and declared that he was afraid of "Monster's Incs." So we left.  His party is Saturday, which he is really excited about.

At four, Conor is rambunctious, energetic, curious, sensitive, silly, funny, and loving. He loves swimming lessons, playing outside, collecting things (bugs, dinosaurs, rocks...) and drawing pictures. His favorite books are Thomas early readers and any book about animals.  He has an awesome imagination and amazes me with the things he thinks up.

Four Year Stats:

Weight - 42lbs (90th %ile)
Height - 42.5in (90th %ile)

Instead of writing everything out for his questionnaire, I'll just let Conor tell you his favorite things:

Happy Birthday Conor!!!  We love you :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recent Funnies

The other night at bed time, Conor told me there was an "oprah-oprah" (I imagine that's how it would be spelled) hiding in the corner under the "thinking chair" (his glider.)  He said it was small and purple and spiky, and "a little bit scared".  I helped him pick it up but it kept trying to run away.  We decided that if we laid down quietly it might come sleep in the bed.  He named it "Boopah". The next morning he told me that Boopah the oprah-oprah had in fact spent the night in the bed.


Conor put Norman the t-rex on a stool and made me open his mouth so he could check his teeth with his flashlight.  He said "Oh, okay, yeah, that's great! ... That'll be $24."


If you tell Conor he can't have something, he'll reply "well, I didn't see any hands on it."


He has been practicing asking politely for something and will say "Please pass the [whatever is its], after [whomever has it]."  He saw his balloon floating in the kitchen and said "Please pass the balloon, after the air."


Talking about our vacation cottage he said, "This house doesn't have any toys.  Only decorations."

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Toledo Zoo Trip

We drove down to Toledo this morning to check out the Toledo Zoo and see some animals that the Detroit Zoo doesn't have - elephants and hippos.

The hippos were a bust - they were sleeping in their "garage" - big grey blobs, Conor said "They look like Gloria!" so I guess he was happy with that.

He got tired of riding in the wagon and pulled it for a while.  Plymouth represent!

Dada's fresh popped "nummy hot corn" is a favorite zoo snack.

Gender stereotypes on the restroom signs.

We did see the elephants in the indoor viewing area. The little guy is "Lucas" and I think the bigger one is "Renee", his mama.

The reptile house...

Orangutan hiding under a Spiderman blanket:

Conor checking out the silverback:

Polar bear viewing is much better in Toledo than Detroit.