Wednesday, January 26, 2011

19 months

Today Conor turns 19 months old!  Time is flying and he is growing so fast.  He had his "18 month" well visit Monday, and his official stats are below.  Apparently our scale is waaaaaay off - we thought he was 30 pounds back in December but he was 27 pounds on the doctor's scale.  27 makes much more sense and keeps him at the same weight percentile as before.  His head continues to be off the charts - 20 inches and 97th+ percentile!  According to the doc, he's a superstar and doing really well :)

Age  19 months
Weight  27lbs 5 oz (50-75th %ile)
Length  33” (50-75th %ile)
Size  18-24 month and 2T clothes, size 6 shoes, size 5 diapers, 3T hats 
Hair  Craziness up there.  Looks like Justin Bieber – stick straight and in his face/over his ears all the time!
Teeth  16. He’s been rubbing his gums and jaw/cheek, so I think the 2 year molars are coming in.
Sleeping  One 1.5-2 hour nap after lunch. 10-12 hours at night, usually up once or twice.
Eating  3 meals a day + multiple snacks. Still loves to eat.  Quaker Oatmeal Squares are a favorite.  Tried nuts for the first time. 
Movement  Itsy Bitsy Spider dance, Hot Dog Dance
Milestones  Recognizing colors (yellow, sometimes red and blue), lots of imaginative play
Outings  Jungle Java, Baby Association meeting, two sleepovers at Nana and Papa’s, doctor’s visit, Great-Grandma's 90th birthday in Indiana
Favorite toys/activities  Books (favorites are “Spot’s Snowy Day”, “Dear Zoo”, and “Clifford - Puppy Love”), play cars, Little People bus, Duplos, barn, trains, Playhouse Disney, teepee, play kitchen, Chuck the dump truck, See and Say 
Words/sounds Too many new words to list, but some are Nana, Will, Katie ("KoKo"), yellow, Oso (as in Special Agent Oso), mouse ("mouse-uh"), Isaya ("Saya") (a classmate), Payton (a classmate), Wesley (a classmate), “I-Oh” (for Old MacDonald),  outside, pizza, help please (“hip eeeeeeeees”), keys, door, boot, cold, ouch, sings "La La La" to "Dominic the Christmas Donkey"
Memorable Moments first poop in the tub

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lunch Date

Conor and I had the day off school/work Monday.  He was very talkative at lunch and was telling me about his favorite vehicles, so I pulled out the camera and of course he clammed up.  I did manage to get a little bit of "conversation" out of him.  (Unfortunately the first half is a little out of focus because I'm still trying to figure out the video on my new camera.)

Maybe it's just mama goggles, but I love watching him eat.  I think in part that's because sometimes I can't believe just a year and a half ago, a tiny(er) version of this little guy was struggling to nurse.  Now, here he is shoveling man sized bites of mashed potatoes (mostly) into his mouth.

Bath Time!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Discipline, a play by Mama and Conor


The floor is strewn with toys.  A bus lies overturned, Little People spilling from the doors.  A toddler stands on top of a chair.

Conor, please sit down.   

Conor begins to dance.

Conor, please sit down on your bottom, or I will take you off.  One...two...

                                                        (arms up)
Three!!!  Up??!! 

---The End---

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Conor LOVES books.  He loves to have them read to him, and loves to flip through them himself.

One of his favorite books is a picture book I made for him called "Baby Boy, Baby Boy, What Do You See?" - it's pictures of his family in the style of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear..."  He can pick out all his family members and is almost able to say all their names, too.  

Here's a video of him "reading" the book.  He's still working on saying, "Grampy" but always kisses Grampy's picture when he sees it.  You can see him doing that here - even though I say he's kissing Otis it was actually Grampy :)  He's also taken to calling himself, "Dino".  You can hear him say that at the end of the video.  I don't know where he picked that up, but when we point him out in a picture that's what he calls himself.