Monday, July 26, 2010

13 Months - My Handsome Little Man

Sometimes, I can't stand the handsomeness.

Age 13 months

Weight ~23 lbs

Length ~31"

Size 12 month+ tops and pants, size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers, 2T hats

Hair  Still in need of his fourth cut

Teeth  Still 8 (and I really think he's working on molars now!)

Sleeping  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.   Bedtime is a struggle now, which is new (he has been so easy at bedtimes since 6-7 months.)  Usually only 1 nap a day, 1.5-3 hours in the early afternoon (sometimes 2 on the weekends.)

Eating 3 meals a day + 2 snacks.  Still takes a bedtime bottle.  New foods include horseradish (accidentally), cottage cheese, quiche, tortellini, zucchini bread

Movement  Walking!  He is also signing a few words, occasionally (I've seen him do "all done" and "more")

Milestones  Walking, pointing, new words

Outings Detroit Zoo, DGR, Baby Association Meeting at Gretchen's House

Favorite toys/activities Stuffed animals, books, rocking horse, wagon rides, balls, identifying things (can pick out a dolphin, duck, cow, and turkey from a lineup), listening to music/singing, play cars, jack-in-the-box

Words/sounds Lots of babbling and several words (CAPS are new this month): mama, dada, pop, cat, dog, all done ("ahhdahh"), BUBBLES ("bubbas"), DUCK, HI.  These are the words we have heard him say repeatedly with purpose.  Sometimes he'll get on a roll one day but forget or change the pronounciation the next (like cat - sometimes it's whispered "kah", sometimes it's forceful "DAT!")

Memorable Moments First Fourth of July Parade


  1. So handsome! How did he like the horseradish?

  2. I gave him a piece of my sandwich bread and forgot I had put horseradish on it. He gagged a little and his eyes started watering but didn't really seem too bothered. I don't think we'll make it a regular part of his diet :)

  3. so cute!!! How fun that he's walking now! Life as you knew it is over! :)

  4. Oh my, that's a face I could never say "No" to!! Conorman it sounds like you've been a busy little man this past month ~ we can't wait to see you at the end of August :o)