About Me

Hi!  I’m Lisa, married six years to one of the good guys (Tim.)   I write about raising our son, Conor (born June 2009), in faux small town America.  Our boy is the main focus of the blog, which I started when he was born to keep family and friends up to date, and as a scrapbook of the "tales" of his day to day life. 

I also write about my parenting struggles, juggling marriage, family life and a full time job, the battle with losing the baby weight, and trying to find time for myself.  In those rare moments of “me” time, I enjoy cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, quilting, knitting, photography, birding, gardening, and all things Martha, so you’ll find some of that here, too (and also on my pre-baby blog Lady Tools.)  

We share our cozy home with two dogs (Jackson and Otis) and two cats (Cassady and Rodney), who make the occasional cameo appearance.

Thanks for stopping by!