Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pants on the Ground

Am I too late to make a Pants on the Ground joke?  No?  Okay, good!

These pants kill me!  Or are they shorts?  Capris, maybe???  I'm not really sure, but he looks so ridiculous adorable wearing them.  These are Roots, directly from the flagship store on Bloor Street in Toronto.  Authentic Canuck, eh?

8-12-10 Blog 1

8-12-10 Blog 2


  1. Those are the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Grampy and I chuckle everytime we look at these photos!

  2. Love them! As a Canadian myself, my kids are frequently decked out from head to toe in Roots. Adorable!

  3. Laura just got the very same two toys your little cutie is standing in front of. Does he love them? I hope so, for my sake!

  4. Yes, he does love them! He's had the music table since Christmas and it's been a consistent fav. He loves the push toy, too - just started using it as a car (though he only goes in reverse!)

  5. Megan called them "shants" for short-pants!