Thursday, August 26, 2010

14 Months - So Much Fun

Age 14 months

Weight  no idea!

Length  hmmmm, not sure!

Size 12 month+ tops and pants, size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers, 2T hats

Hair  5th cut this month

Teeth  8; still waiting on molars

Sleeping  Much improved.  Usually one nap after lunch, easy bedtime and usually sleep through the night

Eating  3 meals a day + 2 snacks.  Eats almost anything we give him.  Uses a spoon to feed himself and can drink from a regular cup (if we let him).  Dropped the bedtime bottle.  A fool for bananas. 

Movement  Fast walking, almost running, loves to dance, throws a ball

Milestones  Goes underwater, brushes his own teeth

Outings Domino's Farms petting zoo, Detroit Zoo, Hands On Museum, Library story time, Township park splashground, swimming lessons, Briarwood Mall play area, lots of playdates, DGR, Mill Race Village, playground

Favorite toys/activities Books, stuffed animals, rocking horse, balls, play cars/trucks, swimming, toothbrush, slide

Words/sounds New ones - moo (for cow), more (also signs), that (pointing to something he wants), uhoh, almost says Otis ("Oh-ta"), we think he might be calling Rodney "neyney", mouse ("mas")

Memorable Moments first trip to the DGR


  1. Happy 14 months Conor! It sounds like you are doing great! We can't wait to see you and see how grown up you are!

  2. Happy 14 months Conor! Wow, you have been busy, hope Mimi and Grampy can keep up with you :o) Can't wait to see you little guy, you are growing up so fast!!!

  3. Happy 14 months to your little one!

  4. 14 months is a blast - loved that age! Enjoy!