Monday, August 30, 2010

McFatty Monday - Week 15

Week 15.  Fifteen weeks and I'm down four pounds.  Not terribly impressive.  I definitely haven't been working as hard as I could be.

I've hit a major motivation road block with running.  Monday I didn't feel like doing the scheduled C25K run, so I did intervals.  I winged it and just tried to go as fast as I could for a little bit, then walked a little bit, over and over.  I have no idea if this is a technically valid training method but it seemed pretty cool at the time.  I took 3 days off then tried to do a 25 minute run on Thursday.  I didn't make it :(  For the first time in the program I had to short a run and stop to walk.  Tonight's run didn't go much better.

My 5K is in two weeks and I'm nervous.  I thought I would be on pace for about a 30-32 min finish but now I have no idea.

I did clean out the fridge last week, though, so that's something.  The only problem is now there's no food in there.  Tonight I decided to run instead of grocery shop.  If anybody knows of a way to be in two places at once, let me know.

Here's where I'm at:
Today's weight - 139.0
Today's BMI - 22.4
Goal weight - 130
Goal BMI - 21.0
Total weight lost - 4.0 of 13


  1. Is there any way to order your groceries online? I've found that's what I have to do to keep sanity - it's one less thing to squeeze into the day!

    Good luck with your 5K. Bad days definitely happen in training, but it sounds like you're putting in awesome effort.

    & four pounds is four pounds! Go you!

  2. I bet your next run will go proud of yourself! Getting to 20 minutes of running in a matter of weeks and 4 lbs of weight loss when you're already in the healthy BMI zone are amazing accomplishments!

  3. Make sure to pass along that "two places at one time" tip when you get it, ok?

    I'm impressed you choose a run over grocery shopping - food always gets me!

    I have pretty much given up exercise for the time being - choosing sleep instead. It is a sad, but true, state of affairs that two wee children have gotten the best of me and robbed me of my ability to do it all. Exercise was, sadly, the first thing to get the axe.