Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventures in Babyproofing

Babyproofing is in full swing. A new TV stand was purchased to keep Conor away from the wires and whatnot ("Stop, it will hurt your body if you're electrocuted", we keep telling him so as to avoid the self esteem bashing "No!") He now has a fascination with opening the drawer on the new TV stand, and subsequently trying to smash his fingers. We need a solution that won't allow it to open at all, unlike the traditional drawer locks. Daycare has these awesome ones that only unlatch with the aid of a magnetic knob. They're called Tot Locks. Sounds awesome, right?

Tot Locks are evil. We may not be the most handy people on Earth, but come on! I really don't feel like I should need a degree in engineering to install these. We managed to install one (sort of, best not open and close that drawer too much.) At this point I think it's better to just tape the other drawer shut.

Up next - a gate at the bottom of the stairs. Stairs with an extra wide opening and curved newel post. I am not looking forward to this; we may just move instead.


  1. Conor, maybe when Grandpa is feeling a little better he can come over and help.

  2. Conor would love that (but probably just because he gets to play with Grandpa)

  3. You could use the plastic orange hazard fencing and secure it with duct tape :o)

  4. Hi Lisa! What a sweet blog you have and an even sweeter little one <3

    Thanks so much for stopping by POP Fizz and leaving a comment. I'm sorry you didn't win the Freckled Nest giveaway, but registration for both upcoming e-courses is still open. Hope to see you there! xo Nicole