Monday, April 26, 2010

10 months!!!

No smiles this month - being 10 months old is serious business people!

Conor is 10 months old today! In the past few weeks, his gross motor skills have really taken off. Just before Easter, he started getting up on all fours consistently and rocking. In the past couple days he has crawled one or two steps forward before falling. He is able to stand while holding onto something, and can get from his stomach onto his knees, then into a sitting position. He's also climbed onto the first stair - he could probably go higher if we let him. Time for gates! His favorite place to practice moving is in his crib.

It's so hard to believe his first birthday is only two months away. We've already started planning his party - we can't wait!

Age 10 months
Weight haven't weighed him in a while, probably 22-23 lbs.
Length not sure, probably ~30"
Size 9 month tops, 12 month+ pants
Eyes Pretty baby blues :)
Hair Second haircut this month
Teeth 5! Another one just cut through on the bottom.
Sleeping Continuing to improve. Usually up once a night but goes right back down. Naps are usually good, too.
Eating 4-5 bottles a day (breastmilk (reintroduced most dairy, no problems so far) and some formula (Alimentum)), plus 3 meals of cereal, fruit and/or veggie purees, and finger foods. New foods include pasta, tomato sauce, asparagus, veggie burger, cheese, yogurt, Life cereal, and oatmeal cookie (just a taste.)
Movement SO close to crawling - has taken a few "steps". Pulls up to his knees and almost to standing. Can stand while holding onto something but without our support.
Milestones standing
Outings Martian Marathon, art showing at Cafe Marie, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, lots of walks, Toarmina's Pizza
Favorite toys/activities Music table, crab, books, balls, eye glasses, shakers
Words/sounds Constantly talking, lots of sounds and combinations of sounds, growling, gargling
Memorable moments Easter trip to Texas, meeting cousin Clara


  1. Happy 10 months Conor!! It's so much fun watching you grow!

  2. Happy 10 months and way to go Conor!!

  3. Happy 10 month birthday Conor ~ this year is just flying by and you are growing up so fast!! We love to read the monthly reports that your mommy writes telling us about all the new things you are learning to do!! Hugs and Kisses from Mimi and Grampy!!

  4. Happy 10 month birthday Conor, we love you lots and lots. Nana and Grandpa