Thursday, February 11, 2010


Monday Conor and I went grocery shopping. I went to get soy milk, among other things, and while checking out the offerings thought, "Hey, look, chocolate soy milk! Mmmmm..." I've been enjoying it since then.

Just now I was looking at the (now empty) box wondering why there were cows on a box of soy milk. Because, dummy, you bought ORGANIC regular milk thinking it was soy milk.

This probably explains the projectile vomit this morning that soaked both our outfits, the chair, computer, cords, external hard drive, side table, camera bag and carpet.


  1. Private Selection Organic from Kroger?? The cartons for soy and regular look very similar and at our store they are side by side, so it's a really easy thing to do. Sounds like a really rough start to the day, hope things are better now!! (I take it the computer survived??)