Monday, February 8, 2010

1 month of school

Conor has been in daycare for a month now and it's going really well. Every day we get a report like this one:

It's reassuring to see that he's eating and napping well each day. (This particular day he got to take a bath in the sink because of that "uncontained" BM at 12:40pm, which I was told he thoroughly enjoyed.) They do let us know if he's fussy, but most days they say he's been very happy.

Thursday's notes said, "Conor had a really great day, he must have been tired because he took a long morning nap! This morning we blew bubbles, Conor really enjoyed that! His eyes got so big and he would wave his arms and babble each time a bubble came near!"

They do lots of neat activities - playing in the sensory table with water or sand, going for walks (inside for now, around the building to see the other classrooms), painting, playing with innertubes and beach balls for "Beach Day", sledding, and playing with musical instruments. All of the toys are seperated into little baskets by type and he seems to like them a lot. We also get to see pictures of him periodically - here he is with Sandra working on his second painting:

They call him "Conor Man" and most days it's just he and the girls - there's only one other little boy now who only goes two days a week. Even at such a young age, he is starting to be very social with the other babies - often when I pick him up he's playing and chatting with another baby.

I do miss him very much during the day, but I know he is well taken care of and is having a fun, safe time at school. I'm very glad he's at a place where we are confident in his care and his well being and I really think GH lives up to it's reputation.


  1. It sounds and looks like he has a great time!

  2. Mimi and Grampy love the Snapfish album from Conor's daycare!! It's amazing all the activities they do ~ love the fingerpainting photos!! "Uncontained" BM ~ I'm going to remember that term :o)