Sunday, February 28, 2010

8 Months!

Conor is 8 months old!
Age 8 months
Weight 20-21 lbs (on our scale)
Length not sure, probably 28-29"
Size 6-9 month clothes, some 12 month, size 4 diapers
Eyes Still blue
Hair growing out fast - almost ready for another haircut!
Teeth still just 2 but the top ones are close
Sleeping same as last month
Eating breastmilk (back to mostly dairy free), cereal, fruit/veggie purees, finger foods including slices of peach, pear, apple, banana (PUKE!), and avocado, bagels (LOVES cinnamon raisin ones), broccoli, puffs
Movement pushing up on hands and knees at the same time very briefly, still rolls everywhere, can pull up with a little help
Milestones pincer grasp, self feeding
Outings Ann Arbor Hands On Museum
Favorite toys/activities Jumperoo, sled, Coke bottle with beads, singing songs (favorite is "Here We Go..."), playing with Otis and Jackson, VTech Book, painting
Words/sounds lots of babble, several consonant sounds "da", "ga", "na", "ba", growling
Memorable moments Nana and Grandpa babysitting on Valentine's day

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  1. Sounds like Conor and I have a lot of the same favorite foods. ;)