Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stage 1 Foods Report Card

Guest blogger Conor rates the stage 1 fruits and veggies*.

Bananas -Yuck, gross, I hate these. Fresh or jarred, both stink. F.
Sweet Potatoes - Love these, mom's homemade are so yummy. A+.
Pears - Okay, funny texture but taste decent. Like the jarred better than mom's. C+.
Squash - Pretty good, gimme some. B+.
Apples - Not too sure about these but they'll do. B-.
Peas - This is what I'm talkin' about. Sorry Uncle Jason but they're good. A.
Peaches - My favortite of the fruits. A.
Carrots - These are yummy and messy but sometimes they make me cry. B.
Prunes - Like these a lot and they make me go, bonus. B+.
Green Beans - Not quite as good as peas but I think they're alright. B.
Avocado - Acceptable. Those little pieces were fun to smash in my fingers. What's that? I was supposed to put it in my mouth myself? Isn't that what you're for? B+

*all grades subject to change without notice


  1. Too cute! Great Job on that report card ;)

  2. The banana thing runs in the family. Aunt Kelly hates them, even peeling them grosses her out. Cousin Madeline will be baffled by Conor's "A" rating of peaches and Grampy will say "spot on" with Conor's A+ rating for Sweet Potatoes!! All in all it sounds like he is doing great with his fruits and veggies! Hope to see more posts by Guest Blogger Conor :o)

  3. Yes, Aunt Kelly does have to agree on the banana thing. Conor's comment on peas made Uncle Jason laugh! Sounds like he's doing great!

  4. Too cute! Ryan likes pretty much the opposite stuff. lol He can't get enough of bananas.