Monday, June 21, 2010

McFatty Monday - Week 6

The week before last, I was bad.  I slacked off and was up over 140 again, and felt like crap.  It's amazing how just a few little pounds can make my clothes fit differently and leave me feeling like a tub of pudding.  But I'm back down and going to try to be good this week with birthday party food, and cake, and candy, and stress, and eating my feelings because OH MY GOD MY BABY IS A TODDLER AND I WANT TO GO BACK AND HOLD THAT LITTLE NEWBORN AGAIN.  Breathe....

This week's goal is to not eat like a 250lb. man.  There's a lot to do this week in preparation for Conor's birthday party on Saturday - last night I made a list of my to-do lists.  Which is to say, exercise probably isn't going to happen.      

Here's where I'm at:

Today's weight - 139.2
Today's BMI - 22.5
Goal weight - 130
Goal BMI - 21.0
Total weight lost - 3.8


  1. You can do it!!

    I snorted water through my nose at "not eat like a 250 lbs man." NOTE TO SELF: FOLLOW THIS ADVICE.

  2. In the birthday planning mode too and just made the menu for our cook-out. Not to mention, I want to make cupcakes, a smash cake and cookie pops. I am totally destructive to my diet. I posted a sign on my fridge "one year later and you are still sporting baby weight". Hopefully that is a good visual reminder, to not eat open the door and graze. I are not a cow nor a 250 lb man, I need to quit eating so damn much =)

  3. Put your house on the market and you can eat like a 350 lb. man ~ oh my gosh, I'm eating like an elephant with all the work we are doing and the stress of it all, and sweating my brains out in the Texas heat. It's going to be SO bad when this is over because if I don't get back to eating normally I will weigh 350 lbs. I refuse to worry about it this coming weekend ~ major celebration ahead and we are coming to PARTY :o)

  4. Summer is tough. You get busy and have so many things going on - all of which revolve around food. Good luck to you!