Wednesday, June 30, 2010

12 month Report

It's a good thing this is the last of the monthday pics because it's getting harder to get him to sit still in the glider for long!

Official 12 month picture is forthcoming.  Also, I haven't given up on the 365 Project, I just haven't gotten around to getting the pics up from the last 10 days or so.  I'm working on his party pics, his first year slideshow, and catching up on the 365 photos all at once.  My Lightroom 3 Beta expires today so I splurged and bought the real thing - not because I think owning a dslr makes me a pro (cough) but because it's fun and I enjoy it.  Besides, I got a great deal with the University discount.  But I digress... 

Age 12 months

Weight officially 22 lbs 11oz (~50th percentile)

Length officially 31" (75th-90th percentile) (head is 19.5", 95th+ percentile).  Unless he's shrinking I guess both our scale and tape measure are a bit off...

Size 12 month+ tops and pants, size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers, 2T hats :)

Eyes  Blue.  It's probably time to retire this category because I really think they're staying blue!

Hair  In need of his fourth cut

Teeth  8, and I think he's working on molars

Sleeping  Mostly sleeping thru the night (until he got sick over the weekend), 1-2 naps

Eating  Transitioning to whole cow's milk, 20-24oz/day total, offered in a sippy with meals then finished in a bottle, plus 3 meals of table food, and 2 snacks. Still taking a bedtime bottle.  Too many new foods to list, but new favs include baked beans, refried beans, SB&J (sunflower butter and jelly), Chex, Spanish rice, graham crackers and pita pizzas (mini pitas with tomato sauce and cheese on top). 

Movement  Standing on his own, 1-2 steps, trying to stand up on his own, waving bye-bye, shakes head "no"

Milestones  See above, plus (from the pedi's checklist) object permanence, puts objects into and takes objects out of a container, imitates people, plays ball

Outings Trip to Traverse City and Sleeping Bear, Nichols Arboretum Peony Gardens, Ann Arbor Library for playgroup, one year photo shoot at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Guernsey Farms Dairy for ice cream on his birthday eve, many neighborhood walks

Favorite toys/activities music table, walker, blocks, books, instruments, swings, bubbles, sand box, painting

Words/sounds always babbling (the pedi asked if he always "sings" to himself!), says mama, dada, pop, cat with purpose, working on dog (comes out as "daaah"), his teachers report he says "all done" at school all the time but we really haven't heard it.  He also loves to use his hands to make funny noises with his mouth

Memorable Moments First Birthday party, First Father's Day, winning the Diaper Dash

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  1. We love these monthly reports ~ they keep us up-to-date on our main little man!! I thought over the weekend that I heard him say "all done" too :o) ~ and he has to have a larger head size to accomodate that much cuteness!!!!!!