Monday, May 31, 2010

McFatty Monday - Week 3

This week flew by!  Between the car drama and vacation I never got around to starting the C25K.  I did download the iPod app and Tim gave me a nice iPod armband for our anniversary.  He also bought me a ladies running mag and has been very encouraging, so I'm looking forward to getting going this week.  I did manage to do some intense gardening (stop laughing!) that actually left me really sweaty and sore, so not all was lost.

I didn't do too horribly with food.  Even though we were on vacation all weekend, I managed to eat reasonably well (except for that cherry shake from Don's Drive-In, it was Traverse City after all...)  I've also developed a bit of a problem with granola (thanks for the Crapola, Amy!) so I'm in need of a lower fat recipe to make.  We've started getting Door To Door Organics delivered each week, which makes it easier to have fresh fruits and veggies around. 

Today's weight was basically unchanged from last week.  I'm both pleased and disappointed at this - it's better than gaining, but if I had done better with exercise it probably could be lower. 

Here's where I'm at:

Today's weight - 141.1
Today's BMI - 22.8
Goal weight - 130
Goal BMI - 21.0
Total weight lost - 1.9

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