Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conor, Please Don't Eat the Truckster

A few months ago, I shocked myself by considering the merits of owning a minivan.  Well I didn't end up getting a minivan.  I went way beyond minivan, all the way to station wagon.  Yup, we got a truckster.     

We weren't able to locate a Wagon Queen in Metallic Pea so we had to settle for a Subaru Outback in Graphite Grey.

I am very excited to have a new car.  LaToya and I had some great times together, including 4 interstate moves!  I really hope Sue can last as long.


  1. Sue has some big shoes to fill :o) ~ can't wait to meet her, she's really pretty!!

  2. It's awesome! Conor can look forward to learning to drive in it (well, maybe!).

  3. OOH, Do a follow up after a while to let us know how you like it. Subaru outback is definitely near the top of our list for next car purchase (not anytime soon though, sadly)

    love it!