Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Potty Training Update

We started potty training last weekend.  I stocked up on supplies - 12 pairs of undies, lots of snacks and juice as incentives.

Saturday morning we put on the big boy underwear, covered the living room in towels, moved the potty downstairs and just..... hung out.

dancing to Potty Time Elmo

By noon, we had gone through just about all 12 pairs of undies :/ The afternoon wasn't any better.  He didn't really seem to have any control, and couldn't have cared less.  He did go on the potty many times, but just as often in his undies. I was feeling a little worried Saturday night - wondering if he wasn't quite ready, if we were pushing it too hard, if maybe we should go back to diapers for a while.

Sunday it was like somebody flipped the switch and he did AWESOME.  No accidents at all (well except the one time he forgot to pull down the undies.) Monday and Tuesday more of the same - I think he had one or two small accidents Monday but otherwise stayed totally dry. He went to daycare today and stayed dry all day :)

The trouble now is that he doesn't like to poop on the potty, so he's holding it. He'll try to sneak away and hide to do his business.  We tried building a little "pooping house" to hide the potty in but he wasn't buying it. So we're working on that.  He's also in a PullUp for naps and at night - I don't expect he'll stay dry all night right away.

About the snacks/rewards - he was all about the J-U-I-C-E.  He actually refused M&Ms, jelly beans, and frosted animal crackers in favor of apple juice.  The kid is crazy for the juice.  (He did eventually come around on the other stuff.) He doesn't really need the treats anymore but I think we've created a juice monster.

So YAY! Looks like we're well on the way to being fully potty trained.


  1. Great job Conor! Madeline had the same issue with not wanting to poop on the potty. It just took time.

  2. Good job Conor! Sounds like you are doing great with your potty training. I do remember that Madeline didn't want to poop on the potty, I think that is pretty common. I bet Conor will be pooping on the potty before we know it!