Friday, March 30, 2012

The Flasher

comments on today's "Toddler Child Report" from daycare:

(For reference, the toddler room (where Conor is) and the preschool room are connected by a hallway where the potties are.  There is a full glass door between the potties and the PS room.)

"Today Conor was giving the preschool class quite a show.  He had taken off his pants & diaper to go potty, but on his way took a detour over to the Preschool door.  He stood there, pressed up against the door for a minute, then Amanda got his attention so he turned around & pressed his backside up against the door."


We start full blown potty training tomorrow.  His first reaction to the big boy underwear, "No, I don't want that.  No."


  1. That's funny! Hope potty training goes well!

  2. If only you had been there with your camera!! That is hysterical!

  3. I'm sitting here with cousin Tristan, Aunt Megan, and Uncle Brian laughing...oh, buddy.