Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Right now, Conor is upstairs sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time (big boy bed = crib without a front and a little safety rail).  He's been there for roughly 2 hours without incident and I call that a big success.

We made the transition because of a little "incident" last Thursday night.  Conor slept in later than usual after a particularly rough night.  Around 6:45am, we heard a loud THUD followed by crying.  I was sure he had fallen while trying to climb out of the crib.  Nope.  We found him on the floor in front of the glider!  The warm spot and drool puddle on the seat confirmed that he had been sleeping there, for who knows how long.  Apparently he exited the crib without a problem, did who knows what, then decided to climb up in the glider and go back to sleep, where he stayed until he fell out. (He's fine - the fall scared him a bit but not a scratch on him thank goodness.)

Friday and Saturday nights he stayed in the crib, but it's only a matter of time before he tries that stunt again so he's in a toddler bed much sooner than I had anticipated.

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  1. Such a big boy! Hope his first night in the toddler bed goes well!