Sunday, October 31, 2010


Conor had a great Halloween!  We skipped the trick-or-treating because he's a little young for candy and despite our efforts can't say, "Trick or Treat".  [He did get a few licks off a Tootsie Roll Pop and about a third of a fun-size Crunch bar.]  Taking him for a walk around the neighborhood instead sounded like fun.  We dressed him in his cowboy costume, loaded up in the wagon and headed out to say "Howdy" to the neighbors and check out the decorations.

Cowboy Conor in his horse drawn wagon.

On the trail.

Awesome neckerchief.

Back at the ranch.

Found the candy.


  1. Cutest little cow poke ever!! These photos are so precious ~ wish we could have been there!!

  2. Conor looks great! I love the "horse drawn wagon."