Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day of School

Conor started daycare today. We were all up early to get ready, load up (why does it take 4 more bags than usual to get a 19 lb person through the day???), and were off before dawn. There were plenty of tears (mine, not his). His teacher called an hour after dropoff to say he was doing great, and having fun playing with bubbles.

When I called at lunch he was sleeping - that nap ended up going 1.5h, a rarity at home. He was napping again when I picked him up. He drank every bit of his four bottles and even had some sweet potatoes and oatmeal. The teachers took pictures of his first day for us and it looks like he had a blast. He made a new friend, David, an adorable 12 month old whose favorite word is "lights". He liked watching David walk and giggled when he heard him talk. Unfortunately David will be moving to the toddler room soon, so hopefully Conor will like his other classmates as much.

I hope tomorrow goes as well!


  1. Sounds like Conor had a great first day! I bet he is tired tonight!!

  2. So glad to hear he had a good first day!

  3. Aww, sounds like he had fun! Just remember it's harder for you than it is for him. I know it must be tough, hang in there!