Monday, June 30, 2014

Conor turns 5!

Conor celebrated his birthday last week!  At 5, Conor ...

is funny and silly, and loves to tell knock-knock jokes
is loud and rambunctious at home but shy and reserved around new people and situations
loves dinosaurs, animals, pretending, telling stories, Legos, drawing, and playing games
is learning to read, can recognize dozens of sight words and is sounding out new words
draws all day long, usually with markers
loves to act out scenes from his favorite movies
can count to 50, with a little help
is excited about Kindergarten
is growing like a weed - unofficially 49 lbs and 45 inches, size 5 clothes (in big kids), size 1 shoes

Conor had his birthday this weekend at Goldfish!  His cousins from Texas traveled here for his birthday, and he enjoyed partying with them and his friends.

Happy birthday Conorman!  We love you!!!

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