Saturday, March 23, 2013

Toledo Zoo Trip

We drove down to Toledo this morning to check out the Toledo Zoo and see some animals that the Detroit Zoo doesn't have - elephants and hippos.

The hippos were a bust - they were sleeping in their "garage" - big grey blobs, Conor said "They look like Gloria!" so I guess he was happy with that.

He got tired of riding in the wagon and pulled it for a while.  Plymouth represent!

Dada's fresh popped "nummy hot corn" is a favorite zoo snack.

Gender stereotypes on the restroom signs.

We did see the elephants in the indoor viewing area. The little guy is "Lucas" and I think the bigger one is "Renee", his mama.

The reptile house...

Orangutan hiding under a Spiderman blanket:

Conor checking out the silverback:

Polar bear viewing is much better in Toledo than Detroit.


  1. What a wonderful zoo! Beautiful photos and I love the video of Conor ~ he sure loves all of the animals!