Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day In The Life

A few weeks ago I tried taking pictures periodically throughout our day to document a "typical" day in our life with a three year old.  Turns out I picked a sort of atypical day - we're all home on Mondays during the summer and on this particular Monday, we didn't have any plans. Our days look much different during the work week or when we're running around on weekends, but it's harder to remember to take pics on those days.

We had kind of a lazy morning, hanging around the house, playing, and getting chores done.

Conor and Tim got up before I did, and I came downstairs to a puppet show.  No pants cause we're PTing (still).

He likes movies but can no longer just sit and watch, he has to re-enact them.  He's watching "Mater's Tall Tales" on my computer while I do the dishes.

Snack time.  He said "I'm a MONKEY!"

Dishes are done.

(Another) cup of coffee.

Folded laundry on the dining room table so I didn't have to be in the basement all alone.

Trains.  Dada makes the best tracks.  He loves Thomas (again with the acting out the scenes) but we are too cheap to buy Thomas trains, so he has named all the plain IKEA trains with the characters' names.  It's kind of sad LOL.  We should spring for some real Thomas trains, poor kid.

Lunch date at QDoba (with pants).

Nap time.

Worked in the garden while he slept.

Sleepy head waking up.

Sprayscape!  It was so stinking hot and humid that day.  We got there and I was basically ready to go after 10 minutes, but he of course wanted to stay for like two hours.

Promised him ice cream to convince him to leave. Didn't have cash for DGR so ended up at McD's.

Back home, played some more, picked at dinner since we ruined our appetites with ice cream.  I was kind of wiped from being out in the heat so didn't take any pics.

Upstairs at bedtime, more puppeteering. 

World's worst catcher. (Ewwww his mirror is gross, I just cleaned that last year.)


Puzzles and blocks and hideous pajamas.

Storytime.  I keep my bird books in his room and he picked out an Ornithology textbook for his first story. 

Lights out and lullabies.  This Lullaby album has played on repeat all night, every night, for months and months. We can hear it ever so quietly in our room, too. I think I could live the rest of my life and never listen to "All The Pretty Horses" again.

I went to bed pretty much right after this I think. 

Riveting, I know.


  1. Grampy and I loved this day in the life of our little man!!