Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Some of my favorite Conor-nunciations

milk = MEEEEE-yulk (Southern roots)
strawberries = STRAW-bees
Little Einsteins = Steins
banana = mana
orange = oonge
cereal bar = CE-re-al BAH! CE-re-al BAH!
Conor's car = Canahcah (Michigan roots)
city bus = shity bus :)
tickles = TEE-kools
delicious = WEE-cious
Debbie (our neighbor) = Bebbie
Lucy (classmate) = Weezy


  1. Love it! Be sure to get some of this on video, because he'll start pronouncing them correctly before you know it and you'll miss hearing his Conor-isms :) I miss hearing Madeline sing "La, a note to pollow so" and saying "li-bee-bee" :)

  2. I do need to get more videos! I remember Jason saying he was a little sad when Madeline started pronouncing "Elmo" correctly (instead of "Melmo") :)

  3. Yes! And when we reminded Madeline that she used to say Melmo, she immediately tried to get Clara to pronounce it that way, even though Clara says it correctly!