Friday, September 10, 2010

Fix It Friday - Number 70

Here is my edit for this week's Fix It Friday from I Heart Faces.  The original photo is darling, I just thought it needed to be warmed up a bit and sharpened as it seemed a tad soft.  The crop was challenging working around the pigtails and bows.  I debated leaving it uncropped, but I didn't like the blue blob in the upper right corner.  


My Edit

My steps in PS CS5:
  • Color Balance Adjustment Layer - Midtones: Cyan/Red +22, Magenta/Green -4, Yellow/Blue -45
  • Select Mask - Image > Apply Image, Channel:Red, Blending:Multiply
  • Curves Adjustment Layer - S-shaped curve to increase contrast of midtones
  • Decrease opacity of last layer to 45%
  • Flatten
  • Duplicate Background
  • Filter > Other > High Pass, Radius 3 pixels
  • Change Blend Mode to Overlay, Reduce Opacity to 36%
  • Flatten, Crop, Save


  1. Great job on your edit. I like it that it's simple and clean. :)

  2. Love how you explained how you did it all. Very cool. Love the edit!

  3. This is a great edit. Thank you for listing your steps so thoroughly.
    I think your crop is perfect!

  4. very, very nice! I love the crop, I think it made a big difference.

  5. Love it! Thank you for the detailed steps...I'm so bad at remembering what I have done.