Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 Months!!!

Age 9 months
Weight ~21lbs (on our scale)
Length not sure, probably ~29"
Size 9 month tops, 12 month+ pants
Eyes Still blue - guessing they'll stay this way :)
Hair getting VERY long
Teeth 4! The two on top just cut through in the past week.
Sleeping Improving. On a good night, he only wakes up once, around 3, nurses, then right back to sleep. Can put himself to sleep. Naps are pretty good, too.
Eating Breastmilk (trying some dairy again) and some formula (Alimentum), cereal (including quinoa), fruit/veggie purees, finger foods (new ones include sweet potatoes "fries", tofu, scrambled egg yolk, waffles, pita, and cheerios.)
Movement army crawls, still only briefly pushing up on hands and knees at the same time but more purposefully, rolls everywhere
Milestones army crawling, clapping
Outings park, out to eat at several restaurants (loves the highchair and does very well), St. Joe's emergency room :(
Favorite toys/activities swings, walks, reading books (favorite is "15 Animals"), piano, crab, Sophie, rattles, sock monkey, Salvador
Words/sounds Lots of consonants, including (finally) "ma"
Memorable moments visit from Aunt Megan

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