Thursday, December 31, 2009


A recap of Conor's first Christmas and trip to Texas.

Hanging out at home with Daddy by the Christmas tree.

Bathtime at Mimi and Grampy's.

Playing at Mimi and Grampy's.

Practicing sitting up and playing with the hedgehog.

Out for a walk in the 70 degree weather - loves the stroller!

At the park with daddy - first time on the swings.

Getting better at sitting every day.

Playing dress up at Christmas Eve dinner.

With cousin Madeline Christmas Eve.

A White TexMas!
Baby's First Christmas stocking.

Christmas morning, enjoying the gifts from his favorite seat.

Playing doctor. Patient: "Am I alive?" Dr. Madeline: "I think so."

Princess slippers.



  1. Awesome pictures! Madeline is turning out to be a great doctor. She took Jason's blood pressure and told him it was "high enough". :)

  2. Looks like a great time! He is too cute!

  3. These are wonderful! Love the photo of Conor sitting on the couch with Tim, he looks like such a big boy! I'm so happy that you and Kelly get all of these great photos!!