Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Months!

Conor is 5 months old today!

As you can see he is quite excited about this!!! He was also very excied about Thanksgiving. (He would like you to please excuse his post nap hair.)

It has been an exciting month for Conor. He has perfected rolling and is pushing up well on his tummy. He can pull his knees up under him but hasn't managed to get up on all fours yet, although he does scoot forwards and backwards with his knees. He is trying to tripod and has done it for a few seconds but doesn't quite have the balance down yet. He also likes to stand (assisted of course, although he is very strong and doesn't need much help.)

He is sleeping better, on occasion. He does very well going down for the night. Now that he can roll he sleeps on his tummy. He will sleep through the night a few nights in a row, then go back to waking several times. He is now taking three naps a day, almost always in his crib, usually 45 minutes although ocasionally 1.5 hours! I strongly suspect he is teething and hope they break through soon!

Age 5 months

Weight 17.6 lbs (on our scale)

Lenght 27.5" (by my measurement)

Size 6 month clothes, size 3 diapers (4's overnight!)

Eyes Still blue

Hair getting very long, and he's worn a thin spot on his temples from sleeping on his tummy!

Teeth none yet, but appears to be teething and his bottom gums look swollen

Sleeping sometime through the night, sometimes up once, sometimes up several times..... He likes to keep it interesting!

Eating dairy free breastmilk (we tested the waters with some dairy and he had yucky green poop :( ) Nurses 5-6 times a day with one 7 oz bottle \at bedtime

Movement scooting on his tummy, pushing up with his arms, standing assisted

Milestones blowing raspberries, tripods briefly

Outings Halloween costume party, Christmas shopping with Mommy (and the unsuccessful quest for the $0.49 Leap Frog Alphabet Pal)

Favorite toys/activities Jumperoo, Mortimer the Moose, Winnie the HorseHippo, Winkel, Loopapalooza, peekaboo, singing songs, taking baths

Words/sounds Bzzzzzz, rasberries, loud shrieks

Memorable moments Thanksgiving at Nana and Grandpa's


  1. He is sooo cute! I just want to squeeze him! Looks like a nice Thanksgiving!

    Happy 5 Months Conor!

  2. Love that smile! Your Thanksgiving spread looks yummy :)

  3. Conor's thinking ~ "Wow!, My Mom can really cook!" Conor you are a little doll and Mimi and Grampy can't wait for Christmas to see all the new things you can do :o)