Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ah goo

Conor saw the nurse today for a weight check - we think his Zantac dose might need to be adjusted so the NP wanted to see where his weight is at. He's 12lbs 15oz, up 20 oz. in 21 days - doing great! Size 2 diapers and 6 month onesies are where it's at!
He is really enjoying his play mat - he loves to wiggle and talk to the cow mirror.

(I have a video of him on the playmat but it won't upload now - I'll try again later.)

He is also grabbing - not reaching for things intentionally but if his hand lands on something he likes he will grab at it and hold on.


  1. How cute! That last picture is adorable! :)

    And holy moly, 6 month clothing already? I'd say his weight is doing great. ;)

  2. Thanks! It's a SkipHop playmat from BuyBuyBaby.