Friday, July 10, 2009

Conor's First Two Weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks since Conor's arrival! Here's a recap (I'll add some pictures soon):

Birthday! June 26 2009 – Conor Timothy arrived at 8:10 pm after an easy 9 hour labor. 10 lbs 13 oz 22 in long! He was taken to the NICU shortly after birth for some breathing difficulty.

June 27 2009 – A chest X-ray showed some fluid left in Conor’s lungs. His breathing was very rapid and shallow as his body worked to clear his lungs. He was put on a CPAP for breathing help. Conor met Nana and Grandpa Carmody and Aunt Megan for the first time!

June 28 2009 – Mom and dad came home today. Conor is off the CPAP. He met Mimi, Uncle Brian, Aunt Katie and Aunt Katie’s mom Mary.

June 29 2009 – Conor is still doing well with the nasal cannula.

June 30 2009 – Got to try nursing for the first time!

July 1 2009 – Still working on nursing and breathing. He was taken off the IV and nasal cannula.
July 2 2009 – Doing great without any help breathing! Conor gets to go home tomorrow if he meets his feeding goal.

1 week old July 3 2009 – Came home today! He met his doggies and kitties. It was a long night with Jackson’s crying – he’s very interested in his new little brother.

July 4 2009 – We watched the Plymouth 4th of July parade from Conor’s nursery window. Nana and Grandpa Carmody came over to visit. A much better night for Jackson.

July 5 2009 – Hanging out at home. The animals are adjusting well. Jackson and Cassady are more curious than Rodney and Otis.

July 6 2009 – 1st visit to the pediatrician, Dr. Becker. Conor is at 10 lbs 3 oz. We’re still working on nursing so Tim gets to give bottles, too. Conor went for a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. He slept through it.

July 7 2009 – Conor’s newborn pictures were taken today by Kelli from Purple Tree Photography. We went for a walk tonight to the Dairy Go Round.

July 8 2009 – Mimi went home today - we will miss all her help but are glad she’ll be back next week.

July 9 2009 – Went for another long walk today to downtown Plymouth and out to eat for the first time at Panera. Conor was such a good boy and slept the whole time.

2 weeks old July 10 2009 – We went for a walk to Art in the Park tonight in downtown Plymouth. Conor was a bit fussy getting into his carseat but as soon as we got going he settled down and passed out!

We can't wait to see what happens in the next two weeks!

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